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summer vacations

2014-07-24 22:33:51 by DJWiztic

Hi NG!

This is Wiztic here, and I am here with the end of (extremely boring) school works, Now I am enjoying my summer vacation starting from today.


Please continue loving my musics, and please recommend me to newgrounds as good artist, download my musics, be my fan!!


I think... no things I will say more?... so um.... ehm.... ok, just- BYE!


~*Wiztic, the DJ


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2014-12-15 17:22:31

"I think... no things will I say more?" Correction cause I am a grammar nazi: "I think I will say no more things..."


DJWiztic responds:


You are really A GRAMMER NAZI!!!
nevermind. My english is real bad, though i am good at it compared to others :)