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I have been scouted!!!

2014-07-25 22:26:41 by DJWiztic

Hi, Wiztic Here.


Thanks for all the listeners of my music.

Today I have been scouted by STEC3, and my music will be visible to everyone! yeepee!!!!!

Be my fan to get my music more faster, and vote before you download my music!

And here(youtube);

This link is my youtube channel which I have 24 subscribers now.

Come here and sub my channel for my musics, and also Geometry Dash videos.(wait, what?)

Anyway thanks for scouting me STEC3, and all the listeners,

I will go and make some more music here!


~*Wiztic, the (scouted) DJ

summer vacations

2014-07-24 22:33:51 by DJWiztic

Hi NG!

This is Wiztic here, and I am here with the end of (extremely boring) school works, Now I am enjoying my summer vacation starting from today.


Please continue loving my musics, and please recommend me to newgrounds as good artist, download my musics, be my fan!!


I think... no things I will say more?... so um.... ehm.... ok, just- BYE!


~*Wiztic, the DJ